monetizing ultimate travel experiences on a platform made just for you.

Craft and share your dream itinerary and let people have a taste of what can be a perfect day without the hassle of planning it themselves. For the very first time you can make that happen on a dedicated platform

with TooToo

The very first app that allows you to monetize your lifestyle.

Meet TooToo.

TooToo allows travellers to spend the day in your shoes, and look for pre-planned, pre-loved city trips for an epic travel experience – all whilst you make money ! You will get paid everytime someone purchases your trips, and allow someone to experience an unforgettable day.

With TooToo you no longer need to seek advertising. Simply post your dream day plan and get access to a growing travel focused community with a real need for your content. 

How the app works.

What you get.

As a TooToo creator, you will earn money every time someone purchases your trip. You can set your own pricing for trips, anywhere from $1 – $15. 

In the first few months, you will get 85% profit from every trip purchased, from July 22 this will then go to 70%. We will be running campaigns and promotions throughout the year, to help you drive up your revenues.

Tootoo’s community is waiting for you